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Old Classics and Nine of my Original Songs 

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I am doing a little Southern Gospel also these days. My First introduction to Music.  My Second Country and Third Pop and then came Rock &  Roll.......I love to Sing it all.....  I've been known to do a Little Blues  R&B Jazz every thing but hip hop and Opera My voice just doesn't reach that high these days , but I remember when it did. ha!ha! But My favorite is Southern Gospel and Country  It Reaches where the heart is . Love Songs I could Sing forever..After this next Single , Maybe  I'll be doing only Love Songs from now on  Something that  softens your heart and warms you toes..... Remember I said maybe ..... I still like some good old Rock & Roll..That will get the Old heart pumping.. and heat up the hold body especially on a cold winter night... on the other hand maybe I'll do a little bit of  it all ... I Just love music...Can't Help Myself....

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